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Is there a film that you think is perfect in its original form and should never be remade?
The Picture of Dorian Gray! It's classically creepy.
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So I went to 2 more recruitment companies today.

The first recruitment consultant a) didn't tell me where I had to go, so I had to find out myself (yes, I realise that's not a difficult task, but every other recruitment place tells you their address!!) ...and b) when I called to say "where exactly are you; I'm a bit confused" she said, sarcastically, "Now, do you think you can manage to find your way here?"

*twitch, twitch*

Then, after I'd met with her, apologised profusely for being a bit late, and gone through the usual recruitment company questions, she asked: "Do you think you'll be ok to find your way home?"

I wonder what made her think she had the right to be so patronising? I really detest people sometimes. And how is she going to market me? "Admin person...a bit like Betty on 'Hey Dad'" ??

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This is what happens when you google your nerdy bf...you find this:

Door and Coke Group meeting minutes -- 2000/05/12


nick Nick Bannon
gbowland Grahame Bowland
mtearle Mark Tearle

ben Ben Rampling
luyer David Luyer
sarah Sarah Kael
fryers Simon Fryer
mjdawson Michael Dawson
griffin Stephen Griffiths
melissa Melissa Challenor
japester Jean-Paul Blaquiere
davidb David Basden
dichro Mikolaj J. Habryn
silver Yeroen Meyer
dunc Duncan Sargeant
duffill Helen Duffill
andrew Andrew Williams
fitz Tom Lynch
cameronm Cameron MacFarland
shuruga Anita Mathers
maset Anil Sharma
yakk Ian McKellar
acolyte Andrew Bailey
dayta Leighton Haynes
djinn Peter Wilsmore
maelstrm Chris Grubb
mrorange Colm Kiely
omailes Oliver Mailes
mustang David Manchester
alastair Alastair Irvine


o Attendance Check
o Duties of door group
o Duties of coke group
o General business


Meeting declared open 5:42pm by Grahame.

Grahame advices attending door group and coke group members
to be aware of the current situation in Cameron Hall. He also
prays to whatever deity that doorgroup members giving apologies
read their email.

In short, Cameron Hall will be inspected by the Guild and possibly
the University on Thursday the 18th at 5pm. We need the clubroom in
a good condition then, and onwards. Door group members are directed to
report any problems (people littering, etc) to wheel@ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au.
Accounts will be locked for one week or until an acceptable apology and
reassurance that it will not occur again.

Cull of door and coke groups:

The following have been removed from door group:
--> ack alluria bers gwydion james prep stan unclemib wazza
The following have been removed from coke group:
--> bers john wazza

Meeting closed 6:05pm.

I'm amused (and a little freaked out) that not only are three of the people on the above list are linked to me on Lj, but I met each of them independently! What the??
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So, nothing earth-shattering has happened. I'm still breathing, which could be viewed as a positive.

Worried about silverski though...spends all his time worrying about my medical problems and then doesn't do much about his own. *worries*

I'll be 26 soon.

Hm. What the?

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I'm a big fan of "in love." ...always have been. Ever since I was old enough to know what it meant, I'd read stories about finding The One, and being swept off your feet, and having that certain feeling that you've found someone you'd do anything for, who'd do anything for you; someone who'd always be there for you, watching your back, taking care of you, encouraging your talents, catching you when you fall, and all of those other clichés.

I'm lucky to have found it. What's surprised me most, and recently, is that after the first fortnight or so of repeated grinning, and the giddyness, and the loved-up, "he's so sweet" feeling...that sort of mellowed. The love didn't go, or anything, it was just...less crazy. And I thought, that's pretty standard, it stops after a while and just settles into something else....

It came back. A fair while after settling into "calm love", I had the week from hell...actually, it was more like 2 weeks of hell...just in this past month...and my Yeroen was so good, and supportive, and just...him...and I know this is going to sound like such an awfully overused line... but I really did fall for him all over again! And it was even better the second time around.

He's such a lovely, calming influence...he makes my world ok again, just by cuddling me or smiling at me or texting me an "I love you."

I'm a very lucky girl.
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Further to transcendancing‘s comments the other day, let me just say: Screw this.

Why do people assume that because you do Admin, you’re obviously not as clever as they are? Everyone else here has at least one degree. I do not. Does that mean that it’s logical for management to assume that I haven’t checked something? Have I lost the ability to read? Our Case Management system actually gave me the information in the first place. Our super-efficient, automated system, generated tasks for me to do…which it does every single day…and I did them. Why does that make me an idiot who deserves a snarky email from a manager, who has also copied the Operations Manager into it??

I am so sick of being treated like a moron!
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We went to a funeral on Friday. A friend of ours. He went to school with Grae. It was typically awful, as funerals for young people generally are, but at the same time it was a fitting send off for a fantastic person. There was no glossing over his personality quirks.

Anyhow, my “What The” concerns our friend’s ex girlfriend. They broke up before Grae and I were married – over 3 years ago. We knew H (our friend) had some problems, however, when the ex gf arrived at the cemetery, and Grae asked whether she’d spoken to H’s mother, she said “Yes…but they knew…they knew when he started getting into the bad sh*t that this was going to happen….but that’s not why. That’s not why it happened.” My first point: Even if a family is aware that their son and brother has been fighting a substance addiction, does it make it ok when he dies? Because they were expecting it? That was the first thing that made Grae and I realise we didn’t want to be talking to this girl.

Later on, after a group of us, namely H’s school friends plus myself – as the only one who had married into the group – had tried for a number of hours to extricate ourselves from aforementioned ex gf (who had behaved all through the service as if she’d been married to H for many years…loud sobbing and wailing, causing even his mother to raise an eyebrow), and failed at attempts to extricate ourselves, decided that she wasn’t going to take the hint, so we made plans to just go back to another friends house. Grae and I ended up with the joyous task of giving this girl a lift. She then proceeded to berate Grae and I for not taking her to her house to pick up her sh*t.” In this case, she meant her stash of marijuana. We refused point blank. “Come on, man, it’s only weed” was her whiney excuse. (Clearly we missed the memo saying that weed is now a safe drug).

My second point: if you have just been to the funeral of someone you care about, who passed away as a result of a substance addiction that had worsened an existing physical condition, would you not suddenly wake up and realise “Hey, maybe I shouldn’t be touching this stuff” ? The substance he was addicted to wasn’t what people would consider hard core – actually, it’s used in hospitals all the time - but it was still a drug. Yes, he did already have a health problem. Does that make the addiction irrelevant? And why are Grae and I the buzz killers for refusing to have anything to do with drugs??

What the hell is wrong with people? H is gone. Our good friend. He’s not coming back. We don’t want anything to do with any substance which made his condition worse, and yet his pathetic ex gf, who made a big show of how distraught she was, tried to make us feel bad for not helping her acquire that crap.
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Haiku2 for nightmancyr
start with saturday
grae's dad choked on a gay
site sheesh ponder i
Created by Grahame
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When I've got more time I'll update about our most recent Asian holiday. Maybe.

I just wanted to blog now because I'm puzzled about people in general; specifically the ways in which people of the same age are on completely different mental levels. I won't claim to be the Authority on Maturity, but it sometimes concerns me that a couple of my friends, whom I consider to be fairly intelligent, come out with some of the oddest comments on occassion.

One friend in particular, who is only 4 months younger than I am, can hold a logical conversation about how some of the girls we went to school with still seem to be living in that era. Then, whilst talking about some other friends, she says "I thought you and Graeme decided not to be friends with those two anymore." Right...we're 6, obviously, and we told those people that we didn't want to play with them anymore. I attempted to explain to her that it isn't as simple as saying "I don't want to be your friend anymore" if the people in question aren't bad people, they're just less hygienic than us and have a fondness for selling, um, herbal remedies to supplement their little income.

Also, just because someone is married, doesn't mean that the love of their life isn't still out there. If you've loved someone for 20 years, it doesn't just vanish because you marry someone else. People can have "bad days", when memories are particularly tangible, before resuming some sense of normality. Having a friend (the same one as before) say "Oh my god, are you still in love with him?" after a nostalgic week, can make you feel a little incredulous that you confided in this person in the first place. Well, you know, I've had an On/Off switch installed in my heart, so luckily I cut the power before I caused myself any more hurt... Pfft!! This came from the person who spent weeks pining for some idiot who left her stranded in a foreign country, and she still loved him. Why then couldn't she understand my situation? Was it because I'm married to someone else and her strong Catholic faith somehow thought I had no right to have those feelings?? Does she think I enjoy unrequited love?

Who knows. I'm not going to ask her.

Anyway, rant over. I'm off to bang my head against a wall. LOL.
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Thanks for the b'day messages, guys :o)

I was planning a party...then a couple of people voiced concerns that it was probably unecessary, etc...so I canned the idea. :o/ I did family dinners instead. Maybe next year I'll do my retro-themed nerd gathering instead. *ponder*

Had a crap-feeling day today - a friend of mine, an ex-colleague from 2 jobs ago, lost her son in a bike accident last weekend. He would have been 10 or 11. I only met him a couple of times, so I'm not shattered, but I'm very sad for my friend because he was all she had. The world sucks sometimes.

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